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What is YouGoSign?

YouGoSign is an electronic signature system that works on desktop and mobile web browsers. This system can be integrated into your current windows and/or web line-of-business application by merging and adapting our code into yours.

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Add electronic signatures to your line-of-business application!

Add electronic signatures to your line-of-business application! YouGoSign is an electronic signature system that works on desktop and mobile web browsers. This system can be integrated into your current windows and/or web line-of-business application by merging and adapting our code into yours. Our team of developers will help you custom fit our proprietary YouGoSign e-signature source code into your existing system. Once it’s developed and tested you can deploy your new version of your application and enjoy electronic signatures without paying per signature or envelope.

Can I see a demo of it?

Yes, please review the screenshots here.

I want to send documents through your platform, how do I sign up with you?

YouGoSign is NOT a PROVIDER. We are a team of developers and electronic signature experts that can add e-signature capabilities to your OWN application.

What is the cost per signature?

We do not charge per signature. We charge only for the work to integrate the electronic signature feature into your own system.

Why should I use your system instead of others like SignNow or DocuSign?

The difference between YouGoSign and other electronic signature providers is that our system can be seamlessly integrated into your own windows and/or web application by merging our code into your own code. This is a one-time project. You will not pay us per signature going forward. Once the development is done, your existing application will have the e-signature capability, and you will not need to pay anyone anymore when you need a document signed.

I don’t have an existing system, I have been sending signatures via email to a provider, can I use YouGoSign?

To use YouGoSign you need to have a line-of-business system tied to a SQL Server database (or another compatible database engine**), a shared storage folder (cloud or on-premises), and a web front-end application.

If you don’t have an existing system you can contact one of our partners that have integrated YouGoSign into theirs:

  • Creditsoft
  • TaskPerfect
  • CollectPlus

More partners coming soon!

Product Features

Create your own electronic signature to sign any PDF or legal document. Remotely signing and managing documents has been made easy and secure with YouGoSign.


  • Compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari
  • Compatible with any digital certificate with a timestamp server (aka TSA Server)
  • Accessible buttons to navigate pages, zoom in and out, go to next signature, and more!
  • All customizable with CSS classes

Document Templates

  • Templates can be in a text, word or pre-generated PDF document or SQL Server Reporting Services 2014 or greater
  • Create bookmarks to pull data from your database
  • Signature locations can be automatically identified based on tags
  • Place signatures on a specific page or X,Y coordinate

Customizable Signatures

  • Create your own signature with your mouse or a name generated one
  • Customize your font style, size, and border color
  • Edit the "click to sign" tab image
  • Customize certificate stamp area dimensions, stamp image, and stamp text including data from signature request (such as IP address)

Track Every Step

  • Keep track of every step of the document signing process
  • Get notified when the document is generated, sent, viewed, clciked, signed, and completed
  • IP address, date, and time are all logged
  • Get your notifcaitons via email for new invites and updates
  • Once document is completed, you will recieve an email will a download link for the document with the signatures
  • Email notificaiton can be personalized with data from your database and can be a text or HTML file

Document Tag Types

  • You can designate mutlitple signer roles per document and multiple tags per signer
  • Data - Pulls data from the database and displays it
  • Signature - Stamps the signature of the signer on mouse click
  • Initals - Stamps the initals of the signer on mouse click
  • Date - Stamps the signature date
  • Certificate - Stamps a digital certificate signature containing the signatures(s) gathered, a company logo, and other information


  • YouGoSign can be seamlessly integrated into your windows and/or web application
  • Intuitive buttons to make navigating through documents and knowing where to sign easier than ever
  • Get a headstart with document templates
  • Sign however you want with customizable signatures, initals, and area borders
  • Stay up to date with your customers step by step by get notified via email
  • Use tags to easily create and modify documents and signatures

YouGoSign Pricing

The cost of integrating YouGoSign into your existing system varies depending on many factors. The first step is to have an online meeting with your developers and analyze your current system, then we can explore the most efficient way to integrate eSignatures into your existing application. In the end the cost is based on the number of hours it takes us to integrate our code into your code. We will be happy to provide you an estimate.

The cost will be somewhere between $30,000 and $60,000. Keep in mind after the integration is done, you will not have any per-signature fees or recurring fees, and your application will end up with an eSignature feature built into it that you can keep expanding on.

Please email us at for more information and to schedule a meeting.

About Us

We are a team of developers and designers with decades of experience building windows and web applications and document processing and storage systems. This combination of skills created an ideal environment to develop YouGoSign, a versatile and powerful electronic signature platform. Because we are programmers first and foremost, rather than be another signature provider we decided to focus on integrating the system into existing line-of-business applications.


ICCO is the parent company that created YouGoSign in 2020. Since 1995, ICCO has been dedicated to the success of its clients by delivering innovative software solutions tailored to their specific business needs.

We begin by listening. We work with you to diagnose problems and inefficiencies in your current processes. We recommend alternative and new ways to increase the productivity and revenue of your business through the use of technology.

We understand that a lot of people experience stress and frustration with technology every day. Our goal is to create software that fits the way you think and do business.

ICCO is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the highest accreditation a company can receive from Microsoft.

The development and support staff are experts on the following technologies:

  • Visual Studio (VB, C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET)
  • SQL Server
  • Windows server and IIS
  • Firewall and security
Microsoft Gold Certificate
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, ICCO has passed the highest level of requirements from Microsoft and has demonstrated the most efficient and scalable implementations of Microsoft technologies in enterprise deployments.

We offer the right knowledge, skills, and commitment to help you implement technology solutions that match your exact business needs.

Your company needs the right set of tools to get ahead of the competition. We have hands-on experience and early exposure to Microsoft applications and can give you the edge you need.

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